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Water Right: Water filtration systems in Raleigh NC
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We Use CSI and Water-Right Filtration Systems

At Woodall’s Pump Sales & Service, we can install a proper water filtration system that will improve the quality of the water you need to drink, cook, clean, and bathe. We install quality filtration systems from CSI or Water-Right, the leaders in the industry. Our professionals will work closely with you to determine which model is right for your specific water needs, then quickly and effectively install the filter. After the filter is installed, our technicians can provide you with all the maintenance and repair service you need to keep the filter running properly for years to come. Call us today to discuss your water filtration needs.

What can a Water Filtration System Solve?

While it is a popular disinfectant and efficient way to kill harmful bacteria, chlorine in your water can taste and smell bad, in addition to drying your skin, fading your clothing, and drying out the rubber seals on your appliances.
Water Filtration Systems Raleigh, NC
Rotten Egg Smell
This is a sign of high levels of hydrogen sulfide – a corrosive gas that affects the taste of your food and causes faster corrosion on metal faucets and plumbing.

If you notice rusty-orange or black stains on your clothes, fixtures, sinks, tubs, or toilets, you probably have too much iron and/or manganese in your water.

Earthy, Fishy Taste, or Smell
Many microorganisms and other bacteria can survive for months in water, fixtures, or your plumbing, causing an unpleasant taste and smell.

Caused by a combination of dissolved calcium and magnesium, hard water causes soap scum and water spots on fixtures, greatly shortening the lifespan of common household appliances. Hard water also needs 20-30% more energy to heat and 3-4 times as much soap for cleaning and laundry.

Acidic water, or water with a low pH, can cause corrosion of your metallic plumbing fixtures and pipes, and cause the blue-green staining on copper pipes.

Why Raleigh water treatment is so important?

Water in the rivers and lakes where our water comes from contain pollution which is unfit for human consumption. Water needs to undergo numerous treatments to make it safe to drink and use. Water purifiers are designed to eliminate or reduce nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, organic materials, and other pollutants to improve the quality and taste of the water.

While the government does treat drinking water, incidents such as the Flint Water Crisis illustrate why it is important to have a secondary filtration system for your home. Extreme cases aside, chemicals do end up in your water glass every day despite stringent filtering. In the United States, chlorine is regularly used to disinfect the pipes that water travels through, the containers it is stored in, and the water itself. While the CDC says that only levels safe for human consumption are used, many people do not like the idea of ingesting small amounts of chlorine each time they have a glass of water. In these cases, secondary filters for your home are an ideal direction to go in to insure the filtration of chemicals, bacteria, or parasites that may have gotten past preliminary disinfecting.

While some people take drinking unfiltered water for granted, there are many diseases that take a long time to present the visible symptoms, but that does not mean they are inactive in your body. The World Health Organization lists diarrheal disease, Hepatitis A, Cholera, Botulism, Typhoid, Dysentery, Cryptosporidiosis, Polio, and other waterborne diseases that can be caused by protozoa, viruses, bacteria, and intestinal parasites in water. This is why it is absolutely crucial to have your water properly treated. Call the experts at Woodall’s today to discuss your water treatment needs.

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