Testimonials for Water Well Pumps & Well Repair in the Raleigh, Wake Forest, &     Semla, NC Areas

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"The guys at Woodall's are awesome. Our 20 year old house had the well pump finally give up due to a high sediment well. They were the third service we called out and were the most knowledgeable, detailed and understanding. They were not the cheapest of the three, but were the only group that explained the problem, and the steps that would be taken to resolve it. They gave us a few educated options and left us feeling informed enough to then explain it to someone else. The two other groups we had out left me feeling ignorant and taken, Woodall's left me feeling informed and served. They had us set up with better and more reliable water pressure then we had ever had in one day. They were immediately available the next day when I had a quick follow up question and we have had great water since. I work in a service industry and I value a service that is done well, for a fair price by good people. If you have any water needs, call the guys at Woodall's. 5 stars!"           - Adam Bush
"Travis and Al were both knowledgeable and professional about my well issue, which was just a severed wire on the well side. I enjoyed talking and working with them, and they were pretty quick to verify the problem I was already suspicious of. The cost was equivalent to others I quoted in the area, but all were high considering the work that was done. Pulling a 200ft well with rarely any troubleshooting shouldn't really be a $500 flat rate labor fee. I had never worked on a well before, but it's a pretty straightforward system. They didn't mind me tagging along during the process, so I basically paid to learn the setup. Next time I'll be pulling the line and doing the repair myself. Overall the quality of their work and senses of humor were great, and if you're not handy and live in the Raleigh area I wouldn't hesitate to call them." - Blake Clayton
"Immediate response from Andy and his team (Travis, Al) to all of our questions-concerns starting with water testing/installing UV light to teaching us how to install water filter."                                  - Lisa Ryan-Herndon
"Woodall's are so far above the average plumbing company, it is unbelievable. Excellent is what they are. They know their stuff, they're quick to get to you. They are there to help you, that is their main concern. In my opinion, they do not price gouge, and they are worth what they charge." - Robbie Lane Jackson
"Best Well Company I have ever dealt with and I have used several! We have a well that has continually given us problems and have replaced the pump three times and have put out thousands of dollars to find the problem.  
I ran out of water and was desperate. Woodall's came highly recommended to me by a good friend who said he personally knew Andy Woodall and that he was a man of good character and honest dealings. So, I called them and found out my friend was right about Andy.
Andy sent his son-in-law, Travis, and his assistant, Al to my home within 24 hours.
After careful examination of the well, the pump, water levels, pressure and leaks, they found the problem, a leakage in my toilet. No one else has ever found this. Because my water level had dropped, they could have railroaded me for a new pump with more horsepower and new line for $2000 or better, BUT, they did not give up until they had searched the problem thoroughly. I will never call another Well Company. Finally found one I trust.."                             - Karla Oakley Anderson
"We have used woodalls for several real estate transactions. I have recommended them to several friends whom have all been very pleased with the expertise and knowledge base that woodalls brings to the table. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise!" - Mike Scott

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